Is it legal to bet online in India on sites like Bet-fair & Bet365?

Well, technically it’s NOT legal money in India. Let Me explain you why & how? I’m an Indian, I do it. And I do it safely. Earlier between 2005s bet365 did accept SBI credit cards, however now, no foreign betting sites accept any cards from India and various other countries where betting is not permitted/illegal (Doing so would be considered as Money Laundering). All cards(Visa, RuPay, Amex, MC, Visa Electron, Discovery, etc) have sequence numbers i.e; starting from digits, 4304 XXXX, 4708 XXXX, 4054 XXXX and so on. Here, the cards are verified itself depending on their sequence numbers and identified as to where they belong to, even which bank is it associated with and the class of the card. For example, Visa cards with sequence 4101 XXXX is a NatWest Bank Platinum class debit card for UK, Visa cards with sequence 4207 XXXX is a Barclays Platinum class Credit card for UK. Similarly, MasterCard cards with sequence 5497 XXXX is a Citi Bank Platinum class debit card for India, Visa cards with sequence 4304 XXXX is a Citi Bank Signature class credit card for India.

Firstly, for MasterCard cards, Payment gateways DO NOT accept transactions, but do for UK cards. This means, if you hold a MasterCard and would like to use it at merchants like Neteller, it SHOULD be registered in the UK. While giving card details, the merchant will identify the cards’ geographic location and understand it in the initial phase whether they can accept payments from this card or no. So, here Neteller or any other foreign merchant/payment gateway recognises the card and processes the transaction accordingly(this is the first step of security).

In India, recently, due to new guidelines regarding Black Money & Money Laundering act from RBI and fraudulent transactions, payment gateways DO NOT process payments to or from India unless RBI is informed about this remittance. As, RBI will further give approval for this transaction to occur, that too ONE TIME and only if it’s a VALID one.

Neteller is a merchant and Optimal Payments PLC is the payment gateway for Neteller who will take money from you and hand it over to Neteller. For example, When you try to pay merchants like Neteller, it has nothing to do at all about which card you use or where you are from, but the payment gateways like Paysafe Group PLC will NOT process this transaction for Neteller by you. Because merchants and payment gateways work separately.

Where merchants just take payments for their service and bill their respective payment gateways for the amount, payment gateways process the transactions only after complying by the rules & policies with global banking system(RBI, BOUS, etc) and payment network system(VBV, 3D secure, etc). So, Neteller may take your card details and even save it in their records, but when you try to do the payment, the payment gateway may not process it.

And when you enquire about the transaction as to why it didn’t go through from the merchant or your bank, neither of them will give you this explanation. Merchant will ask you to contact your bank, wherein your bank will ask to contact the merchant. Once you enquire with the bank, the bank further investigates about the transaction to sort this out for you and becomes aware that such transactions SHOULDN’T be processed, thus blocking the transaction path permanently in their systems or asking you to refrain from such transactions, as they learn that liquid amount is going OUT OF THE COUNTRY(alert of which goes to RBI also). Same goes for withdrawal when liquid money enters country.

For some reason, or if you’re lucky that day and the payment from your card gets be processed, after that you need to ‘Validate’ your card.
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