Desawar Satta Weekly News & Analysis Report Dec 2018

Hey Friends , We are back with desawar weekly report . There is a really good news despite of the fact that total number of players were lower than previous week. this week total number of players were 87 Lakh Approx . However number of bets passed were far higher than previous week , this week around 6.84 Lakh Bets passed out of 3.8 Crore Bets that is like 1.8 % pass rate this is very good considering average pass rate of desawar is around 1.5%, anyways lets start with number of players over the week.


As we mentioned above number of players were slightly lower than previous week, the reason is unknown but it may be due to people faced slightly large losses in previous week so that is why some players skipped betting for this week all along , nevertheless Desawar is oldest and most played game in north region and it is very profitable too . We hope a bounce back next week. So here are the statistics over the week.

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